Wand Bracelet

Useful Bracelet


A wand bracelet can store up to four items,
which appear as charms along the bracelet.
You can grab one of the charms from the
bracelet as a swift (manipulation) action,
causing it to appear in your hand.
If you have an item in hand, you can
use a move (manipulation) action to store
the item in the bracelet or to switch a
held item for a stored item by touching
the item to the charm representing the
stored item. Storing an item causes it to
shrink down and appear as a charm hanging
from the bracelet. Any item stored
can weigh no more than 3 pounds and
must be able to be held in one hand, such
as a wand or a light weapon. Only the
wearer of the bracelet is able to retrieve
or store items.


Wand Bracelet

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