The Haunted Valley

First session

Intro game started with a “let’s see how this works” fight. Went well. Good for us to use getting back into the game and system. I am happy with the feedback that everyone liked it so much, that I would like to try to fit one in at the start of every session just so we learn what we are doing and see what our characters can do.
More feedback from you guys is highly appreciated. Is there anything you’d like to fight as a test?

Since everyone sort of knew each other (the Spring Valley is a very small geographical location, so while you might not have known each other by name, you certainly could say you recognized each other), the meeting for what the elders of the valley wanted went pretty well. Everyone was given a little more gear appropriate for your lifestyle/class (I will post those items in the Items link up above).

Next game will start with the grand move to Golden Oak.



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